David Mazeau

David Mazeau

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First Name * David
Last Name * Mazeau
Username * m4rtine
Country * France
City Roaillan
Nationality french
Languages EnglishFrench


Current Position Artist;Compositor;Designer;Editing, Film, Video, Digital;Rotoscoper
Areas of Expertise Post ProductionSFXTelevisonWeb Design
Preferred Tools


Availability: Freelance
Website www.davidmazeau.com
Twitter @DavidMazeau


I'm a compositor artist in motion pictures and tv.

My main production experience is with full 3D movie and tv animation, although I touched advertising.
My experience gave me a deep understanding of photography and film, and how interactions of light, lenses and film emulsions make up the image.

My own is to work in live-action Visuals FX.


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